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My name is Kimberly Parsons, and my husband Brent and I have a 2 ½ year old son named Dane.  I wanted to write a letter to those of you who are considering entrusting your children with Mrs. Regina and her staff at Trailblazers Academy.  I was a stay at home mom for the first two years of Dane’s life before deciding that I would return to work full time.  My husband and I were incredibly nervous about leaving Dance with strangers, as I’m sure you understand well.  Having to choose the place where we would leave our child everyday was almost unthinkable.

Upon walking into Trailblazers for a tour, we knew instantly that we had found the perfect place.  We can honestly say we didn’t get that feeling at other daycares that we had toured.  One of my main concerns was finding a place that would have patience with Dane while he adapted. I was worried that he wouldn’t want to nap when the other children did, or that he wouldn’t want to eat at their set lunch time.  I was reassured that he would be adjusting soon, and with their love and patience, he did immediately.  We love getting a daily update from Miss Vivian on what our son played with, what he ate, or what songs were sung.  His vocabulary has increased tremendously in just a few months and we could go on and on telling you about all the things he has learned.

I drop off Dane every morning feeling blessed to have found Mrs. Regina, Miss Helen, and all of the wonderful staff at Trailblazers Academy. We couldn’t have asked for a better place for our child.  We know you will be just as happy here as we are.


Kimberly Parsons

Sebastian went to pre-kindergarten at Trailblazers. The first rate instruction at Trailblazers not only prepared him for kindergarten but he also surpasses most of his peers in reading, writing, and math. He reads at close to a second grade level and I think the way he was taught at Trailblazers Academy helped him excel above most children his age. The teachers at Trailblazers Academy pushed him when he needed to be pushed but also helped him to find his own creativity. The pre-k program follows a similar curriculum to that of kindergarten. Sebastian’s kindergarten teacher has remarked on several occasions how advanced he has been from day one. Most children do not know how to write their own name, recognize the letters of the alphabet, recognize simple sight words, count by 2’s, 5’s, or 10’s up to 100, recognize colors, or be able to rhyme simple words beginning kindergarten. Sebastian knew all thanks to the education he received up to kindergarten from Trailblazers. I have recommended Trailblazers Academy to several of my friends in hopes their children would benefit from the pre-k program as much as we have. To all the teachers and staff at Trailblazers Academy, thank you, job well done, and keep up the fantastic work for our future generations!

Jami Melton

Trailblazers Academy has a wonderful Pre-K program! Our son Seth learned so much while attending the academy. The education he received in his class prepared him for Kindergarten in more ways than we can count. Seth is now a First Grader at Chisholm Trail Elementary and he is doing wonderful! He loves riding the school bus to school every day and can’t wait to get home to tell me all the fun, new things he learned! Thanks Trailblazers Academy for hiring loving, educated teachers to teach our children and love them as their own!

Tina and Sam DePaulis

To the next proud Trailblazers Academy parent,

We know how you feel right now, realizing that this is actually one of the biggest decisions of your young family.  Who will you entrust the well being, safety, growth and mental preparedness of your child(ren) to?  Knowing that you want someone or someplace that will not replace, but join alongside you in the task of loving, instructing and interacting with your child(ren) through their early developmental years.  Looking for an environment that feels not only warm and inviting, but also allows your little one(s) an avenue to explore and discover new experiences that foster growth of their quest for knowledge and relationships.  Yearning for a place where they can develop not only relationships with their teachers but also with their peers; a quality that will not only serve them in their educational years, but beyond into adulthood. Trailblazers is this place!

Over the last year, since our children (now 4 yrs and 2 yrs) have been enrolled at Trailblazers, we have witnessed exponential growth in not only our children’s basic skill sets but also in their ability to interact with others, peers, and adults.  We know that our decision to change from an in-home daycare to Trailblazers has aided our children in preparing them not only for the k-12 education environment, but also in their ability to work together in groups and resolve problems in a mature manner.  The staff shows true connections with the children that are easily seen in the craft projects, the countless hours of story time and silly songs, but most importantly, it is so evidently revealed in how much the children love their teachers and staff.

One quality we love about Trailblazers is not only the low turnover in staff, but that the staff is flexible enough that the children are able to create relationships with all of them while still having a primary teacher. This is great for the staff, children, and parents. We also love the daily report sheets, a simple communication tool between teacher and parent that enforce the partnership between them and allow both to celebrate the child’s daily milestones. These daily reports allow parents to be up to date on the logistics of their child’s day (i.e. diapers, potty training, meals, naps, etc.), but also provides insight to learning milestones and areas that can be reinforced and expanded upon at home.

We are so thankful to partner with the staff of Trailblazers to enrich and shape the lives of our children.

Brett and Christine Abraham