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Trailblazers Academy’s Children Center has a wonderful Pre-K program! Our son Seth learned so much while attending Trailblazers. The education he received in his class prepared him for Kindergarten in more ways than we can count.

Tina and Sam DePaulis

Sebastian went to pre-kindergarten at Trailblazers Academy. The first rate instruction not only prepared him for kindergarten but he also surpasses most of his peers in reading, writing, and math. He reads at close to a second grade level and I think the way he was taught at Trailblazers helped him excel above most children his age.

Jami Melton

Upon walking into Trailblazers for a tour, we knew instantly that we had found the perfect place.  We can honestly say we didn’t get that feeling at other daycares that we had toured. One of my main concerns was finding a place that would have patience with Dane while he adapted…I was reassured that he would be adjusting soon, and with their love and patience, he did immediately.

Kimberly Parsons